Monday, 20 April 2015

Ice Resin Beach Pebbles

One of the ways you can create truly stunning looking beach pebbles is to paint them with Ice Resin. Tumbling stones of course makes them very smooth and shiny, but you lose the natural shape, and contours of the pebble. It is also very time consuming, and uses a fair bit of electricity.

Ice resin is a two part epoxy resin, dries to the touch in about 12 hours, and is fully set in 3 days. You mix equal amounts of the two resin liquids, one is a hardener (part A), the other is the resin (part B). Once mixed you have around 30-40 minutes application time before the mixture goes off and becomes too hard to use.

Here is one of the pebbles I have painted with Ice resin:

The best way to finish pebbles with ice resin is to do one half of the pebble, let it touch dry for at least 24 hours, and then do the other side; the results are well worth the wait!

If you would like more information on Ice Resin and painting beach pebbles, or any question; then get in touch. I will be writing a post soon with a more in depth explanation about Ice Resin, and the realities of using it on a daily basis, along with some tips!

Another beautiful beach pebble, painted with Ice Resin:

You can see more of these pebbles in my Etsy shop: